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A Starseed Glossary A-G

Antares – see Arcturus/Antares dimensional gateway


Is the fourth brightest star seen from Earth and the brightest star in the Bootes constellation. A giant star, it is five time the diameter of the Sun and 100 times as bright. It has been known since ancient times and is relatively close to the Earth at about 40 light years away.


Are truly loving star beings of 5th dimensional vibration and higher who have been deeply involved with human life on the planet for millennia. They are master healers and teachers and specialise in healing personal and planetary consciousness. Their energy draws out positive potential and integration at all levels of being and stimulates creativity of every kind. They have a group consciousness and provide an ideal or model for humanity’s evolution into Oneness. There are many references to the Arcturians on this website and in the work of David Miller

Arcturian Stargate

All beings who incarnate on Earth, unless they take the deliberate choice not to, must pass through the Arcturian Stargate, a multi-dimensional portal where all potentials for their next journey can be seen and choices are made as to the next stage of the soul’s journey. There they encounter the healing energies and are cared for and nurtured by many higher beings including angels and archangels.

Arcturus/Antares Dimensional Gateway (or Midway Station)

Most beings who incarnate on Earth pass only through the Arcturian Stargate. Others however choose to pass through the Antares vibration first. These are individuals who work directly with mass consciousness patterns, matrices and cellular evolution. Antares is also the dimensional connection point between the Earth’s sector of the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy.

(For an experience of the frequency of this gateway go to and see Lavandar’s eBook “50 Questions and Answers” a Celestial Point of View.) 


Takes place for a person at the point of transformation in self where the four bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual come into balance and the personal level of light (see Light Quotient) is high enough to allow a shift into the higher dimensions. In the case of humans today this shift into will take them from the 3rd through the 4th to the 5th dimension of consciousness. This is as seen from the 3rd dimensional perspective. In reality it is a multidimensional and all levels are present NOW.

 Ashtar/Ashtar Command

Ashtar is the commander of a group of primarily 5th dimensional and higher spiritual beings dedicated to the ascension. They oversee a physical hierarchy or ground crew of human lightworkers.

(Starship) Athena

An Arcturian Starship in service to Gaia. The Master Juliano is Commander together with the supreme commander Sananda (who embodied as Jesus). Juliano’s teachings have been recorded in detail first by Dr Norma Milanovich  in her pioneering account “We the Arcturians” first published in 1990


The ability to be in two places at once. One can be in the physical body and spiritually in another place or dimension at the same time.


This is an Arcturian technique of using group thoughts working together telepathically to send healing to the planet. During the practice of biorelativity groups of Starseeds send healing to specific areas of the world for example during natural disasters such as earthquakes floods or hurricanes. These can be averted or lessened in strength using biorelativity. According to the Arcturians, in higher planetary systems groups continually interact telepathically with their planets to ensure harmony with the planetary forces. (see

Central Sun (the Great Central Sun)

This is the centre of our galaxy the Milky Way and is a centre of very high spiritual and life enhancing energy. The Earth is coming into direct alignment with the Great Central Sun in December 2012.


Energy centres of the human body, they provide the integration and transfer of energy between the spiritual, mental, emotional and biological systems of the body. They are also vortices for inter-dimensional connectivity. There are seven basic chakras at the 3rd dimensional level but there are others at the 4th and 5th dimensional level and potentially more at higher levels. The whole system is extremely complex but at the  basic level the main requirement is to understand each of them and maintain them in balance. There is a vast amount of information available to assist with this process.


Here we are looking at channeling from two points of view, That is, us as the channel and us as the audience for the channeling of others. We all channe,l whether through word, music, art dance or other creative expression. Now that we have moved into multi-dimensional awareness this is becoming even more common. We often channel our higher selves in the form of wisdom and knowing and there is nothing to prevent us from channeling higher beings including ascended masters and star beings. If we are inexperienced, the main traps centre around discernment and protections. There are many tricky beings out there particularly from the 3rd dimension and lower 4th or astral plane. A minimal protection is always to place a golden bubble of protection around you and start each channeling session by stating that you only allow the highest and purest beings to communicate with you.  Think of your Auric field as your home. You would not let just anyone enter your home; in a similar way you should not just allow anyone to enter your Auric field either.

Many Lightworkers offer guidance to their fellow brothers and sisters in the form of channeling the Ascended Masters Star Beings and Angels. And students on the path see them in the hope to receive support for their Spiritual growth.

While this is all wonderful, unfortunately more often than not, the channelings floating around in the New Age Movement today are all illusionary or lost on the astral plane. Why? Because people don’t understand that a channel is only as clear as his consciousness. So whatever blind spots they may have in their consciousness, these will be reflected in their channelings.

So for your enjoyment, here are ten things to watch out for in a channel.

A clear channel:

  1. Will never order you around.
  2. Will present truth in a very clear and      concise manner.
  3. Will only make suggestions, never      commandments.
  4. Will leave you with a feeling of      unconditional love and support which does not mean, however, that they      would not present truth as it appeared to them and offer you guidance and      suggestions.
  5. Will never create fear.
  6. Will always honor the free will choice      of others.
  7. Will never invade your privacy by      snooping about your aura and then offering unsolicited advice.
  8. Has high integrity within themselves and      seeks to align with God and the Masters, and uphold the higher principles      within their own lives.
  9. Works for God, the Masters and the      Spiritual Hierarchy.
  10. Works for the benefit of mankind, which      may, for the moment, be you; they do not, however, have any other agenda      than to be of service.

In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with seeking guidance from an external channel, however, above all else, ‘to thine own self be true’ Take all channelings with a grain of salt. This is what the Integrated Ascended Master does. (Thanks to Joshua and Gloria from the IAM University for some of this content )

Cities of Light

 There have been etheric cities of light in the higher dimensions for a very long time. They are the home of higher beings in service to the planet and humanity. One of the most famous of these is Shambala above the Gobi desert. More recently through the work of the Arcturians utilising their galactic knowledge and undertandings planetary cities of light have been established with links to the higher dimensional cities of light both here on Earth and in other parts of the galaxy. The purpose of the planetary cities of light it to hold and disseminate 5th dimensional energies and frequencies to aid in healing humanity and the planet and to assist in the Asecension. For more information see



Many starbeings cloak their ships in clouds. You will often see them at dawn or dusk in different forms on the horizon. A common form is a cigar shaped cloud and they can be in a variety of sizes and in other shapes. There are many ships out there all over the world and they remain cloaked or invisible to avoid creating fear in the general population. With practice in observing the skies you will ‘know’ in your heart that they are there or if you have the gifts you can see them as they are.


These are pathways on Earth to higher dimensions. They can be found at sacred sites, vortices and other high energy places and can be created elsewhere through meditation.


Crystal Temple

 This is an etheric 5th Dimensional Temple made available for the use of Starseeds by the Arcturians. The crystal temple   contains   a lake more than one mile in diameter. In the lake is a huge crystal half the size of the lake. The whole is covered by a glass dome and starseeds can sit there in their etheric bodies and view the stars while experiencing the healing properties of the crystal. (refer  to for more information) see also Etheric crystals.   Picture right – fragment from a painting ‘The Crystal Temple by Gudrun Miller.





Bottom of Form


‘A message from the Arcturians’

‘Greetings we are the Arcturians. It is important to remember that in the higher dimensional realms all is one. This concept is difficult to grasp in the 3rd dimension. You feel the absence of oneness rather than the presence of unity consciousness. The star beings operate in a space of co-operation and singularity of purpose. The idea of a single purpose is not limited in the way it manifests in the 3rd dimension.

A single purpose is indeed an expansive and all-encompassing unlimited reality in the higher dimensions where all is aligned with the growth of the multiverse itself. So when it comes back to the different star beings say the Pleidians, Andromedians, Sirians, Lyrans and Arcturians for example there is no difference in their perception of the humans they are working to help raise their consciousness and ascend into higher service. For humans in linear consciousness it is natural to create divisions and say ‘I am a Pleiadian starseed or an Arcturian starseed representing a mark of difference a badge to be worn with pride. We do not have this perspective and see what frequency and energy signature will be appropriate at a point in time for each being and their highest good. On the other hand Starseeds will often have an inclination to one or other energy signatures because of their past life experiences both here on this planet and on the home star systems. This is a reflection of multidimensionality where more than one aspect of reality exists at the same time.’ 26.12.2011

What is a Starseed?


The first level of the truth is that in the big picture of planetary history we are all starseeds. There have been numerous genetic experiments with manipulation of human DNA since the beginning of time, well before recorded history of any kind. There are also embodied extra-terrestrial beings, walkins, hybrids and others, in fact we need to stretch our imaginations to the limit to describe it all. Our role is to help bridge the gap in awareness that currently exists between popular perceptions of extra-terrestrial beings ( from now on they will be called Star Beings) and their interaction with the human race, and the truth which is in many ways even stranger and more exciting than even science fiction portrays For an individual the differences lie in the degree of awareness of this situation, their part in it and the translation into a purposeful mission on the planet.  Behind this awareness is a process in the awakening of a soul firstly to its own spiritual growth, then to the realisation that some people have come here to play with galactic energies in service to their fellow human beings. These are the starseeds.  There are many indications that you may be a Starseed.  If you feel you come from somewhere else, have always felt displaced to some degree or socially isolated, have a burning desire to serve your brothers and sisters on the planet but are not sure what you mission is you are likely to be Starseed. If you have a deep sense of justice and an abiding passion and concern for the planet and all its life forms, or you are very sensitive in a variety of ways to everything from electromagnetic radiation, noise, food, negativity, suffering and even in some cases to the weather, you are probably a Starseed. Or you may be even be a Walk-in or other galactic being.

What is a Walk-in?

A quick Quiz:

  • Suddenly, you don’t fit into your environment?
  • Wondering: “What planet am I from?” or
  • Wondering of friends or family, “What planet are THEY from?”
  • Sudden changes in your taste, clothing, habits, friends or relationships?
  • A deep desire to dramatically change jobs for service to humanity?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be a Walk-In. or – maybe someone you know (and love) is a walk-in. You can either be a full Walk-in or a braided Walk-in where a galactic soul has joined you in your body usually for a specific purpose either short or long term. (Thanks to Marilyn and Joeux from the Walkin’s Conference (see Links & Resources) for this quiz). Wow this is a big one! We did say it is stranger than fiction but there are many people here at this time playing this role. It is important to realise that this was agreed to before a soul’s latest embodiment on the planet. (if this is you and you are having problems coping, help is available see the Links and resources tab on this site. This includes abductees – we can refer you to master healers to assist you)

There are many thousands or even millions of human beings at this time who are consciously or unconsciously facilitating the expansion of energy and consciousness or the great shift* through the use of their starseed DNA and this has been happening for a very long period of time. Many famous, creative and innovative people in history were Starseeds (There is a list on  This website is aimed at all those with star codes everywhere as a place for sharing wisdom, help and resources.


From the Pleiadian High Council

Those fashioned for another may not be an exact fit. Your divine brothers and sisters are created with the same energetic signature so their transmissions however they are imparted and received are an exact match. Thus it is that the codes within the DNA are activated then empowered.

Once you are reconnected to the galactic energies you become a Creator God Spirit. Your light bodies pulse in synchronicity with the higher dimensional aspects of your own being into the darkness of the space beyond the gleaming stars of the Milky Way. You merge with the movement of galaxies ever expanding and growing in divine time and beyond the reach of defining thought.

Your mystical awareness becomes tangible, felt within the filaments of light that joins all inhabitants of the realms beyond form. Here beingness is a chimera. There is diversity but it is glimpsed, known then moved away from at lightning speed, only a fleeting memory remains. This describes it from a lower singular view unable to quantify the unified Mind.

The task remains to offer service on Earth from this elevated platform of awareness. It can be done though the vehicle of love and respect for the human condition. By holding a great and lasting value for the courage of all who choose a denser manifestation into form in order to experience this unique journey on behalf of those to whom they are joined for eternity. Who await their return as seasoned veterans of Terra marked by their resilience and heroism.

We all bow as one in honour of returning warriors with your songs and stories. Your tears fall as you tell us of loved ones, left behind both in human and animal form. We learn about the beauty of Terra amidst destruction and depravity. For you have known polarity and the gifts of the emotional body, priceless and rare to us even though we are filled with love.  Ours is an eternal state of bliss without the highs and lows of human experience.