What is a Starseed?


The first level of the truth is that in the big picture of planetary history we are all starseeds. There have been numerous genetic experiments with manipulation of human DNA since the beginning of time, well before recorded history of any kind. There are also embodied extra-terrestrial beings, walkins, hybrids and others, in fact we need to stretch our imaginations to the limit to describe it all. Our role is to help bridge the gap in awareness that currently exists between popular perceptions of extra-terrestrial beings ( from now on they will be called Star Beings) and their interaction with the human race, and the truth which is in many ways even stranger and more exciting than even science fiction portrays For an individual the differences lie in the degree of awareness of this situation, their part in it and the translation into a purposeful mission on the planet.  Behind this awareness is a process in the awakening of a soul firstly to its own spiritual growth, then to the realisation that some people have come here to play with galactic energies in service to their fellow human beings. These are the starseeds.  There are many indications that you may be a Starseed.  If you feel you come from somewhere else, have always felt displaced to some degree or socially isolated, have a burning desire to serve your brothers and sisters on the planet but are not sure what you mission is you are likely to be Starseed. If you have a deep sense of justice and an abiding passion and concern for the planet and all its life forms, or you are very sensitive in a variety of ways to everything from electromagnetic radiation, noise, food, negativity, suffering and even in some cases to the weather, you are probably a Starseed. Or you may be even be a Walk-in or other galactic being.

What is a Walk-in?

A quick Quiz:

  • Suddenly, you don’t fit into your environment?
  • Wondering: “What planet am I from?” or
  • Wondering of friends or family, “What planet are THEY from?”
  • Sudden changes in your taste, clothing, habits, friends or relationships?
  • A deep desire to dramatically change jobs for service to humanity?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be a Walk-In. or – maybe someone you know (and love) is a walk-in. You can either be a full Walk-in or a braided Walk-in where a galactic soul has joined you in your body usually for a specific purpose either short or long term. (Thanks to Marilyn and Joeux from the Walkin’s Conference (see Links & Resources) for this quiz). Wow this is a big one! We did say it is stranger than fiction but there are many people here at this time playing this role. It is important to realise that this was agreed to before a soul’s latest embodiment on the planet. (if this is you and you are having problems coping, help is available see the Links and resources tab on this site. This includes abductees – we can refer you to master healers to assist you)

There are many thousands or even millions of human beings at this time who are consciously or unconsciously facilitating the expansion of energy and consciousness or the great shift* through the use of their starseed DNA and this has been happening for a very long period of time. Many famous, creative and innovative people in history were Starseeds (There is a list on www.starseedhotline.com)  This website is aimed at all those with star codes everywhere as a place for sharing wisdom, help and resources.